Facilitating Discussion

Group discussions are common, and this manual provides instruction in facilitating the most common types of discussions. Learn about moderating a panel discussion, facilitating a brainstorming meeting, leading a problem solving discussion, handling challenging people during discussions, and helping a problem-solving group achieve a consensus.

1. The Panel Moderator

Time: 28-30 minutes Optional time: 22 to 26 minutes
  • Select a topic for a panel discussion
  • Identify differing view points to be addressed by panelists
  • Organise and moderate a panel discussion

2. The Brainstorming Session

Time: 31-33 minutes Optional time: 20-22 minutes
  • Select a problem for a brainstorming session for which you serve as a facilitator.
  • Conduct a brainstorming sesion.
  • Have participants reduce the list of ideas to the three best

3. The Problem-Solving Discussion

Time: 26-31 minutes Optional time: 19 to 23 minutes
  • Discuss the three ideas generated in Project 2
  • Determine which one best resolves the problem

4. Handling Challenging Situations

Time: 22-32 minutes Optional time: 12 to 21 minutes
  • Select a problem and ask club members to discuss and resolve it by either a majority vote or by compromise
  • Serve as facilitator for the discussion
  • Effectively handle and member’s behavioural problems that may interfere with the discussion

5. Reaching a Consensus

Time: 31-37 minutes Optional time: 20 to 26 minutes
  • To select a problem for the group to discuss and resolve
  • As facilitator, help the group reach a consensus